You Don’t Have To Be Mobile To Move Someone


I have a friend named Michael, he’s a quadriplegic, and he leads a remarkable

life. Though mute, and blind in one eye, Michael taps out short stories, directs

photo shoots and prints out the pictures. All this he does with Morse Code and his

chin to a switch. There are dozens of abbreviations in his head for sentences,

phrases and paragraphs. He creates these, and puts them in his computer to use

for communicating with others. His computer is his voice.

Michael burns CDs to give as Christmas presents, birthday presents and just

being nice to someone presents. He then goes a step further and creates CD

covers, complete with song titles and pictures.

Michael’s stories are descriptive and beautiful. Many are poignant tales of his

past travels in Europe, travels with his parents and siblings before the accident

that left him paralyzed. You are with him on his journeys, through the sights and

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September 2014

September 2014

Brandenburg Concerto No. 3: iii. Allegro
Oregon Bach Festival Chamber Orchestra, Helmuth Rilling, cond.
Haenssler, recorded July 11-12, 1994


Guest Post by Jasbina Misir – How To Be A Good Ally To Sexual Assault Survivors

The Belle Jar

by Jasbina Misir

TW: sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, victim-blaming

I wanted to share something truly disgusting and awful that happened to me this past Monday.

At 1 AM I was sexually assaulted during a concert. On the dance floor when the crowd rushed the stage. These are all the details I want to and am going to share. I have filed a report with the police and an investigation to catch the assailant is ongoing.

Why am I sharing this? I am sharing this because for me and for many survivors, talking about what happened is a key part of surviving, healing, responding to erasure and silencing. Talking about an assault can be a way for people to get some kind of accountability for what happened, even if that accountability only ever comes in the form of speaking their truth.

I’ve heard people say that talking about sexual violence experience is…

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