But you say there is equality.


When I was little, I wanted to be white.
That’s the colour the sweet, popular girl at school was. That’s the colour the beautiful, breath-taking supermodels on the billboards. And that was the colour all the characters in my favourite tv series were. Which role models looked like me? Beyoncé is now the third woman (behind Naomi Campbell & Halle Berry) to grace the cover of Vogue in the magazine’s 123 years of publication, and people are raving as if this is iconic. That’s not iconic. That’s ridiculous. The third in 123 years. But you say there is equality.
My mother moved from France to England because she didn’t believe she, a young black woman, could get a respectable teaching job where we were. My mum forced me to read English story books, meant for an age much younger than I was yet it was still extremely difficult. She made…

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Nature and Nurture

Nature and Nurture
                                                              Nature and Nurture

Today is another day of oppressive heat in San Francisco.

I feel as if the life is draining out of me as I sit in front of a fan and wait for the temperature to drop.

There is something anxiety provoking about a Spring and Summer without rain, and now three days of crushing heat and humidity.

The San Francisco weather page says that it is 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the city but my thermometer reads 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

Regardless of the actual temperature my body is reacting to the heat.

And all I can think of is sleep.