A collage of a portrait of Ayn Rand and a Homeless man

It’s a Randian Day in the Neighborhood

People say, “I have heart disease,” not “I am heart disease.” Somehow the presumption of a person’s individuality is not compromised by those diagnostic labels. All the labels tell us is that the person has a specific challenge with which he or she struggles in a highly diverse life. But call someone “a schizophrenic” or “a borderline” and the shorthand has a way of closing the chapter on the person. It reduces a multifaceted human being to a diagnosis and lulls us into a false sense that those words tell us who the person is, rather than only telling us how the person suffers.

Martha Manning

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    1. His presence on our streets is a direct result of the moral vacuum created by what we loosely call her philosophy. The picture sort of made itself. Thank you for leaving a comment. Comments are always welcome.

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