True Confessions

Predictable Idiots R Us

I was uncomfortable with the term predictable idiots in a previous post.

It sounded disingenuous.

Who are these predictable idiots and why reference them?

I’m in that special little corner of Hell reserved for New Yorker’s and other people who are somehow lucky enough to enter intensive psychotherapy.

Intensive Psychotherapy is about asking why?

And in our case using the repetition compulsion as a tool.

Once the shrink becomes Mom everything we do expresses some aspect of the wounds that caused us to be like this.

My point is who is Rob dissing and why?

Why dis people you say you don’t play?

Because you’re still playing them, fool!

So I’m the predictable idiot.

Or at least I was…On this question…And only for now.

The point is that when one is in therapy one has a full-time job.

And It’s time for me to get back to work.