The Raptor of Winning



In 1920, Harvey E. Newbranch, writer for the Evening World Herald in Omaha, Nebraska, became the first writer to win the coveted Pulitzer Prize, for his scathing review of the breakdown of government in light of the race riots, that brought the city of Omaha to its knees. The brutal lynching of Will Brown, a black worker, followed by the murder of two white men, the assassination attempt of the sitting Mayor, all dominoed into a rampaging crowd of thousands, who burned the Douglas County Courthouse…. to the ground.

There is the rule of the jungle in this world, and there is the rule of law. Under jungle rule no man’s life is safe, no man’s wife, no man’s mother, sister, children, home, liberty, rights, property. Under the rule of law protection is provided for all these, and provided in proportion as law is efficiently and honestly administered and…

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Impressions of Waikiki

Impressions of Waikiki

A star shot across
the horizon
as the

moon rose
Diamond Head
to the swell

of Hawaiian slack key…

The sky went from pink to blue
to purple.

I cradled your head
in my lap and wondered
how the musicians

Rob Goldstein (c) 2015