Nite Flite

Nite Flite
Though it’s been such a long, long, time….

The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow
by Frenic

Published March 8, 2011
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Track 7 – Long Misty Blue


A Star is Born: Behind the Scenes

A Star is Born - Behind the Scenes

Graphic Design: Kendall F. Person

I’m proud to be part of the Production and Administrative Teams of Kendall Person’s Production of the , A Star is Born. There are no losers in The Neighborhood. Everyone has a contribution to make.

A Star is Born returns next Sunday, NOV 8TH at its regularly scheduled time.

The Trauma of Abuse

An excellent post. What it has to say about the memory disruptions caused by abuse is true.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

As October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month comes to a end, I want to share one of the last things that was discussed in a conference recently. Many victims can not remember all that happened or what was said when they experienced the abuses in their lives. But there is a reason… and sadly, many decisions in the courts are based on what victims can recall. More education needs to be done regarding the effects of abuse and domestic violence upon it’s victims. Lives depend on it…

The trauma of abuse…
negatively affects the brain.
And it’s for this reason…
that some memories are not retained.

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