The Pope is the leader of a Church that still holds very Conservative views regarding sex and sexuality.

I am gay and I have been fighting for gay liberation and gay rights for my entire life.

When are we ‘liberals’ going to learn that we can’t have everything.

We can’t elect Democratic Presidents and give them a Republican Congress and then complain when they can’t fulfill their entire agenda.

We can’t refuse to vote and then complain when the other side wins and thinks that it has won a mandate.

This Pope has restored hope to billions of people who are sickened and silenced by U.S. conservative economic dogma and political decadence.

It is essential that people believe that their lives are worth more than whatever the minimum wage is in your state or nation.

It is essential that our children be educated, housed and fed.

It is essential that we stop sending the mentally ill to their deaths on our streets while calling it a symptom of their illness.

It is essential that all of us have access to medical care and a social safety net that gives us a chance to learn new skills and find new ways to thrive as our life spans become longer.

I have read that this Pope never says no to a request for an audience.

If  Kim Davis asked for a secret meeting than the Pope probably agreed to it.

Touting the meeting as favorable sounds like right-wing spin.Why would a Christian who practices the Gospel be less patient with Kim Noble than he was with John Boehner who is actually more dangerous because he has real power.

If he asked John Boehner to pray for him than what would he ask of Kim Noble?

He is the international leader of a global Christian denomination.

How convenient it is for us to toss out his entire message because Pope Francis didn’t adhere to an unwritten piece of liberal dogma that is so much easier for us to focus on.

Same Sex marriage is a secular issue and we will win that battle in a secular court of law.

I suggest that we go back to what the Pope said in his speech to Congress and to his extensive encyclical and let Kim Davis slouch back home to obscurity.

Even is he were not innocent he is innocent, given that he has absolutely no reason at all as a Pope to embrace same-sex marriage. He has already supplied us with what he thinks as a Christian: “Who am I to judge.”

Gronda Morin

Pope Francis and President Obama Pope Francis and President Obama

Like many others who watched the TV news as Pope Francis visited the US in the last week of September, 2015, I was thrilled about how well his introduction to our country and its peoples seemed to go. I genuinely enjoyed observing him take extra time to interact and touch children with special needs. Here was an important religious leader who was reaching out and touching the hearts of many with his   humbleness, kindness, generosity, love along with gracious words of tolerance, acceptance and inclusion. He managed to spend ample time with the homeless and prisoners as well as those of any stature in society. He presented himself as the epitome of one providing service with selflessness.

He lifted our spirits only to have them dashed when the story became public about Pope Francis having a meeting with Kim Davis. Ms. Davis is the Kentucky clerk who recently became a cause célèbre for the right when she…

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