A scanned slide of a young man blown up and digitally painted

Dream #99 44 ⁄100%

Last night I dreamed:

A drunken old man leaves a party.

Three young friends hold him up  by the arms and laugh as
he staggers between them.

They glide into a tunnel.

Suddenly one of his young friends jerks the old man’s arms
down and behind his back.

Another slips a knife into his chest.

The dream slows.

I hover above them.

The knife goes in so slowly I can see the grain of
the metal.

The young men vanish into a seething spray
of red.

The old man falls.

I land by the body and kneel to pull out the knife.

I can’t.

Other men try.

They make bets.

The old man’s body jerks and bleeds as each man tries and
fails to pull out the knife.

A woman named Barbara lands next to me to watch the game.

She turns to me and says: “I love you more than I love meat.”

“Thank you,” I reply. “I should like to be a piece of meat. I should like you to drool and whine as I serve myself.”

She reminds me of a Keane painting; all eyes and demonic possession.

“I can tell why you’re here,” she says. “I can hear your thoughts.”


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9 thoughts on “Dream #99 44 ⁄100%

    1. I had a lot of scary dreams like this during the AIDS epidemic–this is one of my first dream notes-The first draft is dated 1984.

      I began to write them down when I woke up. Perhaps I should post the dream that follows this one.

      I think I will.

      That may be the source of the fearful imagery.

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