Thank You for Your Votes!

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Thank you to everyone who voted in the first round of The Neighborhood’s 2015 Blogging Awards Show, A Star is Born.

Thanks to your support I’m still in the show; at least until next week. 🙂

22 thoughts on “Thank You for Your Votes!

  1. It is confusing to me as where to vote. I tried three times last night to no avail. Walk me through this I am not computer savvy and need detailed instructions or fairly simple instructions without too much fluff and buff


    1. Sure. On Sunday the 18th The Public Blogger will write a post on the next topic on which our ‘perfomance’ is based. This one is ‘Community’ and ‘family’.

      At the bottom of the post will be the option to cast a vote. I think you will get three votes. Choose the three people whose perfomances were most impressive to you by clicking into the dot by our names. Below is a link to the Neighborhood.

      This is url for the first vote.

      If you scroll to the bottom you’ll see that the vote counter is closed but still there.

      The vote counter will be at the bottom of the page.

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      1. Thank you the first time I did this I did not see a place to vote. That is because I was on the wrong page. Thanks for your instructions. You have been very helpful


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