Standing Up For What You Think Is Right

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The white man in that photo

Today I stumbled across an article posted on Facebook that touched me on many levels. Not only is the story touching and inspiring (I highly recommend you head over and read it) but it also shows how society worked and how fragile we are. On top of that it highlights once again that pictures can be deceiving.

When I looked at the picture for the first time I really saw the two black men with their fists in black gloves and raised while the white guy is standing there, glancing at something. I agree for me as well he seemed not interested, maybe even annoyed about what was going on behind him.

And then I read the story.

And I learned.

I learned about Peter Norman, an Australian athlete, whom this exact moment of glory would cost his career and much more in the aftermath. A man who stood…

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Dear Delivery Man

This is easily one of my top five favorite posts.


I heard you walking up the steps.

I assumed you must be one of our neighbors. I thought it was a little late in the morning, but perhaps they had forgotten something for work or classes.

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Want a space house? It’s hard to make a down payment in zero gravity

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image With mankind’s orbiting studio apartment the International Space Station offering an extra room, and spaceflight becoming more available to the general public, let’s face it; the Re/Max hot air balloon will be replaced by a space shuttle before we know it.

For sale:One-bedroom module. Quiet setting on outskirts of gravity belt. Comes with docking port. Pressurized for maximum comfort. Solor-powered utilities. Includes hot plate. Only two days from Earth. $1 billion obo.

As exciting as the prospect of living in space is, we should temper our enthusiasm with a level of caution. Just like buying a fixer-upper in the Ozark Mountains through someone on the Internet, purchasing a residence 230 miles above the earth can be risky.

During a real estate symposium held last week in Washington D.C., agents stressed that there are a lot of things to consider when looking for a little spot in the solar system…

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A Glimpse of Me

Exclusive Inflictions

11 of 31 OctPoWriMo

You believe you can see
Who I am; what I’m about
Maybe you have no doubts
You got me all figured out
But what you see isn’t me
Rightly, I sit back and flout

Go ahead and take a peek
See what you wish to believe
Words are often misconceived
Purposely meant to deceive
May you find what you seek
Once you are done please leave

I’ll be here when you return
Holding the smoke-screen
For your expected routine
It’s what I see; I’m not mean
I understand the concerns
As I am the righteous queen

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