Mental health care? Might as well go back to the stone age

Its good to be crazy Sometimes

Once a month I go to cmhs place to go see my shrink, its a massive hospital, with an inpatient word with 22 rooms.

ridgewood 2ridgewood 3ridgewood 4ridgewood 5ridgewood 6

If you are wondering yes these buildings are all closed down.

Today I turned up to my app, I hadn’t had an app for a good three months so imagine my surprise when I was greeted with this

ridgewood 1

Now lets ignore the fact that one of my major mental health problems happens to be with pregnant women and newborns. (If I can’t do it, not sure why everyone else can) and my shrink today was 6 months pregnant. But she was lovely but not going to be a stable feature in my care.

Anyways the hospital itself was built in the 1840’s and gradually they have sold off lands, till all that is left is the ward, the day centre and the citizin advice bureau.


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