What is the Neighborhood and #AStarisBorn

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I’m proud to be a nominee in this year’s Public Blogger’s Performance of the Year Awards. Please tweet and re-tweet to show your support for The Neighborhood and the nominees.

Economic Inequality explained

Click “View Original” to see the animation. It’s worth it.

Think Left

Animation from the US but can you spot the differences between the US and George Osborne’s economic ‘strategy’ in the UK?

An Animated Video Explains Economic Inequality.

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The Public Blogger Awards Awards, Second Event, Sunday, October 18th at 7PM

A Star is Born - The Public Blogger

Some of you know that I’ve been nominated for an award through The Neighborhood.

There are other extremely talented writers, poets, singers and artists nominated for this award.

They are hard-working, dedicated and deserve recognition.

So, even if you don’t vote for me please watch the performances this Sunday, October 18th at 7PM and cast a vote.

Give hope to an aspiring artist.


Rob Goldstein