The “Be Thankful” Challenge

Be thankful challange
The “Be Thankful” Challenge comes to me by way of YesterdayAfter.

The challenge rules:

• Share this image in your bog post
• Write about 5 people in your life you are thankful for
• Write about 5 things in 2015 that you are thankful for
• Spread the love and challenge 5 other blogs to take part

5 people I am thankful for:

My lifelong friend Maria.

We met when I was sixteen and became lifelong friends.  We’ve known each other for over forty years. We can tell each other anything. We accept and love each other unconditionally.

My lifelong friend Don.

We met in our 20’s and became partners. We were both active in the Gay Liberation Movement and were the first openly gay couple in our town at the time. We learned that intelligent people respected our honesty and integrity. We separated in 1980 but worked to stay friends. Both of us survived the AIDS epidemic and forged a different relationship based on love and shared history. I am very grateful that we are friends.

My partner, Jaime.

This October 23rd marks 23 years together. He is my friend, confidant, strength and muse. I love him dearly.

My therapist, Flora.

I see her twice a week, every week, and have done so since 2010. She is knowledgeable, dedicated and most important, she understands that it is not her place to judge my reality. If everyone who works in our nations greed-bound corporate mental health system had her sense of direction and sense of humanity we would not have people with mental illnesses living on our streets.


If you read my blog I am grateful for you.I know that this is a five person limit but I can’t leave any of you out. Your questions and comments challenge and affirm me. You give me insights that make it possible for me to help myself to learn new ways to understand and manage the DID.

5 things I am thankful in 2015

My life.

Life is a precious gift. I am especially grateful to have lived long enough to learn how to
use the power of my mind to help other people.

My computer.

It is a doorway to new ways of communicating with and understanding the world around me. It is a way to heal myself and to share new ideas and to learn new skills. It allows me to transcend space and time.


All books.


All music.

My alternates.

They surprise me and at times they frighten me. But they helped me to survive when I felt as if I would   certainly die.

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