Head Lights

Nightshot of traffic on a busy intersection on Geary Street in San Francisco
Headlights on Geary Street in San Francisco

Well I’m a believer
Insignificant things can bring you dreams
Impeccable sands, invisible streams




14 thoughts on “Head Lights

      1. He got his Dad’s voice and is very good with rock..I know the song you’re talking about. “Much too late for Good-byes.

        Just as a comparison:

        Much too late for Good-byes from Julian Lennon’s first album, Valotte’ 1984

        Photosynthesis from Sean Lennon’s first album, into the Sun, 1998

        They were both about the same age when these albums were released.

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      2. It is Valotte!!! Right! It is Valotte. I loved that song and it gave me chills how similar he sounded like John! Thank you for that help, Robert, and for the links!!! 🙂

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      3. I think that even though Sean also had access to the wealth his Father generated he was raised with working class values. Yoko was essential for teaching John how to have leisure time without self destructing. He was brilliant and very broken by the loss of his Mother. Yoko was a product of the upper class. She had the time and the money to work as an avant garde artist. She was raised to understand that the ‘pursuit of happiness’ is the cultivation of the self as a mind. many working class people define it as the pursuit of pleasure.

        It was Yoko who introduced John to his intellect and the result was one of the most deeply personal statements ever written in the form of ritual dance music: The Primal Scream Album.

        Lennon’s Art and thought evolved from “I wanna Hold Your Hand” to “A Day in the Life” to “God.” How bereft out world would be had their been no public funding for his education…and had he not been lucky enough to meet the one woman who could challenge him to discipline his mind.

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