Goodbye Sunday – The Depths of Crazy the finale

Pick yourself up, one more time. For there is nothing more powerful in this world, than a relentless soul, knocking tirelessly on destiny’s door, refusing to take no for an answer…

Flickr Wednesday: Donna

This Wednesday I’m pleased to present the work of one of my best friends on Flickr, Donna.

Here is what she says about her use of Flickr and her work:

“~I love to meet the photographers and artists that I see here in Flickr. I see wonderful art images made by friends from all over the world. I love their art and their dedication to making lovely images that we all can enjoy. “

“~I am always so amazed at the beauty and wonderment that I see every day in Flickr. There are all ranges of talented people here. Some people have amazing and unbelievable artistic and photographic skills. And, I also enjoy the work of the artists that may be just starting out. “
.★.Moonbeams and Magical Stars.★

.★.Moonbeams and Magical Stars.★.

* Magical* Snow* Storm *

* * Magical*Snow*Storm * *

~Nature’s *Magical Abstracts*~


.... the dark side of the moon ....

..*.. the dark side of the moon ..*..

.. a sunrise migration ..

.. a sunrise migration ..

~~ colorful winter sunrise ~~

~*~ colorful winter sunrise ~*~

~my great blue heron on a magical* frostymorning~

~*my*great blue heron on a magical*frosty*morning*~

~ a blue jay decorating my white pine tree ~

~ a blue jay decorating my white pine tree ~

~ Autumn Colors & Light ~

~ Autumn Colors & Light ~