The last Liz Tribute

Made in Second Life with an Avatar

                                                Made in Second Life with an Avatar



28 thoughts on “The last Liz Tribute”

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  2. I miss you already. Loving this red. Rejoicing in advance with you on the success of your new project. Everything about you IS worth the wait so take your time. Always here for you…e

  3. Well, I never. Hope it’s good for you….And I hope you’re not away too long. I will miss all of you (but especially you-know-who…if you don’t need him for your project, just send him over, OK? I’ll be real nice to him, feed him raspberries and roasted marshmallows on a stick, and whatever else he likes. He doesn’t have to do one single thing, not even dishes, unless he wants to go Adventuring.)

    1. You’re welcome. I’ve noticed that other people tend to worry when a blogger who frequently posts disappears. I’ve learned not to assume that people don’t notice when I’m gone. 🙂

      1. I give notice too… like these two weeks, when I am not around. I think we really should do it. We are connected in wonderful ways and we owe it to our friends. 🙂

      2. I agree. I always assume that I’m invisible somehow and that no one notices my comings and goings…but even if only one person does, that’s a good reason for giving a notice.

  4. Since I’m a new follower, past posts will be great for me 🙂 Won’t have to go search them out, lol!

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