The Trauma of Abuse

An excellent post. What it has to say about the memory disruptions caused by abuse is true.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

As October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month comes to a end, I want to share one of the last things that was discussed in a conference recently. Many victims can not remember all that happened or what was said when they experienced the abuses in their lives. But there is a reason… and sadly, many decisions in the courts are based on what victims can recall. More education needs to be done regarding the effects of abuse and domestic violence upon it’s victims. Lives depend on it…

The trauma of abuse…
negatively affects the brain.
And it’s for this reason…
that some memories are not retained.

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The Night is Alive, and Full of Eyes

The Night is Alive, and Full of Eyes

A zillion scary bugs hide in the cracks of his bedroom walls.

They wait in the dark and when they think that Peter is

asleep they drop to his bed.

The scariest bugs are the mosquito hawks;

they have wings as sharp as knives.

Peter pulls the blanket over his head and thinks about angels.

They are naked and very pretty.

Their beauty makes him tingle.

His uncle says that angels tingle like that too.

Peter’s eyes pop open when he feels a heavy spider drop to his bed…

Then he closes his eyes and goes to Heaven.

RG 2015