I Love You More Than Words Can Say

A colorful dance shot staged in virtual realiy against an urban backdrop

A slide show of photographs, staged in Virtual Reality, and set to a song by Otis Redding.

“I Love You More Than Words Can Say” by Otis Redding
Graphics by Rob Goldstein

10 thoughts on “I Love You More Than Words Can Say”

    1. I recently upgraded the system that I use for VR photography. I took close to a hundred shots –from that I selected and individually edited over 60 and sequenced them in a video editing program. I used the song to set the mood of the photos as I was shooting.

      I really enjoyed the process of making the video and was pleased with the way this one turned out. Thank you for leaving a comment…

      1. Thanks Robert, quite a process. You did an excellent job and I was right, it was a lot of work but was probably a very enjoyable challenge as well!

      2. I love challenges and the people who give them. Perhaps the most exciting aspect my decision to start blogging was that I’ve met people who enjoy challenges and collaboration. I thrive on these things. Thank you for your comments–I’m glad to hear that it works…

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