Headlines Do Not State What We Need to See

A second day of peace. Throw up a sign or make your own statement…Peace…:)

Politically incorrectness versus rudeness


To permit himself to run down everyone else, Donald Trump has noted that the real enemy in America is political correctness. With all of our problems in the US and world, that is the largest problem we have per Trump. He has been joined in this belief by most of GOP competitors, including presumably more level-headed candidates like Dr. Ben Carson.

On the flip side, when two global leaders at a World Forum of some sorts were asked what were the biggest issues in the world, Bill Gates responded with lack of uniform access to technology. His co-speaker, who I must confess I do not remember his name, said, the lack of civility. When we start treating each other so poorly, conflicts become bigger and we are more at an impasse to solve the world’s problems.

Back to uncivil behavior with those who would prefer we do away with political…

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