When Bloggership meet…we did!


California 2015

And we finally met in California
on November 6 2015!


Blogger Girls1 copy


On Nov 5th I announced in my post “When Bloggership Will Meet” that something very special was about to happening and it truly happened we met here in California with Erika Kind, Marissa Bergen, Corinne and Me!!! We had great time and it was so wonderful to met the beautiful ladies behind their Blogs! It was indeed an emotional and beautiful day fulfilled with joy and happiness being able to hear our voices and hug each other
lots of smiles and sharing about us this time not behind a keyboard ❤

Our meeting venue was at this Starbucks!

While sipping a delicious Peppermint Mocha one of my favorite, we enjoyed our great time together talking a lot, and laughing a lot like friends that know each other from years and years, it was amazing how…

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Ain’t no Sunshine…

Souldier Girl

Today my smile

Was held in place

By the frame of a mental corset

Begging to come undone

Working without thinking

For my mind was off twisting

In memories reoccurring

And oh when I finally came home!

Ripping the corset

Like a dog uncovering old bones

The remains of a smile

Broken in a twirling puddle

This is how mama misses

…her baby girl

Eight years ago this week I lost my sunshine. I miss her so much. ❤️

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long sleeves

hide the tracks

formed of tears

of wet soot

on bright white


then she smiles

broad as tracks

broad as the grin

of  a

     beauty queen.


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