Guest Post: Sometimes YOU are a Jerk and you do need to Change! by Kevin Hellriegel


I came across this blog post of one of my many talented followers just recently and I find it very interesting and entertaining to read. Kevin listed out many points that will provoke thoughts after the read. So seriously, do we do as everyone said and embraced ourselves blindly despite our flaws or do we learn to change and improve for the better? The article is food for thought. Let Kevin and I know your thoughts below!
Meanwhile, enjoy reading….

Sometimes YOU are a Jerk and you do need to Change!

Here are two trains of thoughts-

1. People should accept you for WHO you are. You shouldn’t have to “change” for someone. Be Yourself!


2. You should work to improve yourself! Always be working to become better. Be a better person, smarter, more fit! Get out there and be more social! Seize the day!

Hmm, so we should…

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My Personal Rules of Engagement

First posted 11/08/2015

I’ve acquired an odd troll who thinks deleting her personal attacks on me is
a form of censorship.

If you have received an email, (and some people have) that accuses me of censoring my blog, this post clarifies what I expect from the people who want to engage with me.

  • Recognize that each person has gifts & a contribution to make
  • Take responsibility for your actions and mistakes; being ‘only human’ occasionally means saying I’m sorry along with a specific statement about the purpose of your apology.
  • Engage openly and honestly, without ego or blame
  • The first lie we collude with is the lie that we don’t matter. Listen, learn, act, and know that you matter.
  • I don’t expect special treatment based on my illness; but I also don’t expect people to go out of their way to torture me with it. If I think you’re playing mind games with me, you’re gone.
  • I will always call a Pathological Narcissist a Pathological Narcissist. If you don’t like being called by name you have two choices: either stop being a pathological narcissist or stay as far away from me as possible. I suspect that staying as far away from me as possible is easier for most Pathological Narcissists

    If your narcissism can’t bear the thought of being dismissed, then tell yourself you’re leaving voluntarily.

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