10 thoughts on “Geary Street

  1. Now there’s a reminder of why I hate the city and can’t wait to retire and move away – though our traffic has never looked quite that bad..

    Great work – it speaks volumes, as all art should 🙂

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      1. then I can sorta understand you liking heavy traffic 😉 I assume that’s only when it’s moving and not standing still with horns going off right and left …?

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      2. I think it’s more night traffic that I like. Geary street at night brings back memories of New York….and New England. Going through the Holland Tunnel was thrilling to me. Probably because it led to my Grandmother’s place where I could show my intellect.

        Expressions of intellect always resulted in beatings from my Mother so I learned to suppress it in her presence.

        It’s funny how the brain makes these connections beyond our immediate awareness.


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