This Light

The Light

This light was felt before thought

Known before speech

When I first saw

In some new life

On some unknown


This light that I now know…

RG (c) 2015 All Rights Reserved

O Thou that Tellest
Handel, The Messiah
Alfreda Hodgson, contralto; Atlanta Symphony Chamber Chorus, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Robert Shaw, cond.Telarc, recorded Dec. 18-20, 1983


Twilight Silhouette (Silueta de Crepusculo)

This is the result of my collaboration with Oscar Alejandro Plascencia and Childs Cnsurbanent for Episode Seven
of A Star is Born on the Public Blogger.

The Dune Mouse’s Winter Tale

There are many things to love about SL. There are virtual landscapers whose work is as fine as a painting. If you are a member of Second Life these sim recommendations are excellent,

from the Dune Mouse, yours virtually

Not already!  Sims decked out for the upcoming season!

The Trans Siberian Pachelbel

Alice's winter tale2

This enchanting build is  called “Let it Snow” ( by Milly Sharple) and well worth a visit!

Let it snow Let it snow

and an image I took when I was in Ireland will  begin a fairy tale

snowy trees2sig Killarney

“Why this isn’t the same place at all!” said Miss Alice Beamish, “and where’s unicorn?” She looked around the sparkling woodlands in dismay!  On top of everything else Mother had burned  all the eat -me cookies except for the two Alice held – one in each hand.  She was very hungry and was therefore having a hard time leaving a few crumbs to mark the path. There wouldn’t be much of a trail to follow back home. A beautiful conservatory was visible through the frosty trees but as she approached  she saw it was empty and abandoned. Not far away snow…

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