What is the Difference Between Blogging and Exhibitionism?

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What is the Difference between Blogging and Exhibitionism?

This post was inspired by a question raised by Marcus at Survivor Road

I see blogging as an advanced form of discussion called “consciousness raising” that began in the late 1960’s.

By the early 1970’s consciousness raising morphed into ‘encounter groups.’

I participated in these groups after I volunteered to work on a suicide prevention line.

They were part of the required training for answering calls.

This was the period when the first ‘hot-lines’ were established.

I attended at least 16 such groups, some of which lasted as long as two days

I first met a lifelong friend in these groups.

She and I recently discussed the ways in which these encounter groups changed us.

One was that we became completely comfortable with all aspects of ourselves.

We also discovered that many people live in silent shame over things they would not have wished on themselves;

A woman who wanted to kill herself because her Father raped her and told her she was to blame or a man who is conflicted in all of his relationships in the aftermath of abuse.

People with mental illnesses and psychological scars tend to retreat from the world and to live in isolation.

Our stories are often mediated and reinterpreted by professionals who don’t understand us or care about us as people.

I had mixed feelings about writing so openly about my DID and the events that caused it until I began to get comments from people who thanked me for giving them permission to examine their own abuse and the effect the abuse had on their lives.

It is healing to tell and to hear the truth.

There are probably people whose intention is exhibitionism.

I’ve noticed that online exhibitionism is pretty much the same as it is in life: usually nude shots and graphic depictions of virtual sex that have no real aesthetic value and are usually posted to forums where the participants have clearly stated that they don’t want to see them.

Where’s the thrill in exposing your junk to people who want to see it?

No is yes to an exhibitionist.

This is the difference between an exhibitionist and someone who is simply describing his story.

An exhibitionist exposes by posting where the topic isn’t welcome.

A personal story is usually posted to a personal space where it is found by people who already have an interest in the topic.

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