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Marriage of Figaro: Canzonetta sull’aria (Battle, M.Price, Muti)

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Random Particles

Randm Particles

I realized this morning that I’m very active for a person with a total disability.

By that I mean that even with pneumonia and DID I keep busy.

I don’t have down time. My mind is always going.

I’ve always been like this.

When I was a 12 I had a number of chemistry sets and two decent microscopes.

I used to dissect insects.

One day a friend told me that if a guy rubbed himself long enough white stuff came out.

The fish that he described in the white stuff piqued my interest.

I set to rubbing and sure enough, white stuff came out, but the way it came out was a complete surprise.

I thought I had damaged my penis because I needed to pee but couldn’t.

I wondered how I was going to explain my broken penis to my Grandmother.

However, I had the white stuff and used a dropper to place it on a slide.

There they were, thousands of them.

Later, after I peed, I collected another sample of white stuff to see if the fish were still there.

Checking on their status became a twice a day ritual.

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