Prisoners of the Storm

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  1. Powerful, disturbing and horribly sad. As Maya Angelou said, “When you’re gone people don’t remember what you said or did, they remember how you made them feel.”

    1. Yeah. They remember the thing you kill or that you let people kill.

      Too may folks think they know who should live and who should die.

      The irony is that they’re the ones we’d be better off without. 🙂

  2. Somehow I kept that storm in my mind…wow Robert,’isn’t that the truth. This hit me deeply. You are stunning with your art and honest words that grip on to a very real place. Thank you

  3. Poor kitties. You didn’t deserve that. You deserved to cuddle up by the fire, listening to the storm howling outside, while you yourselves were warm and dry and safe and loved….

      1. In part, I think…but I never forgave him for the kitten.

        And now that I’m grown up I can see that he killed my love and respect for him that night. I was five but I knew what he did was wicked.

        He’s still locked in the storm.

      2. Cruelty to animals (especially witnessing it when you are young) is something that imprints on you, I think. In my case, I was the kitten (metaphorically) and my mama was your daddy.

      3. You don’t want to know what my Mother did to a puppy she said I could have.

        I later learned that cruelty to animals is a staple in abusive families.

      4. Yep…or just really messed up people…

        There are so many ways a sociaopath can get away with murder in the U.S.

        He can worm his way into Congress and work with other sociopaths to take healthcare away from people,

        He can abuse money and power to incite terrorism and then use the fear of the people to manipulate them.

        We are only 16 years into the 21st Century. I wonder how many people have died as a result of the apathy and injustice that has characterized our politics in the past 16 years.
        All of the people who’ve lost their lives in unprovoked invasions, undeclared wars, unjust social policies, income inequality, lack of access to healthcare, and the error in judgement that places property rights above the live of people. I bet the total is staggering.

      5. And, you know what? Those “powers that be” KNOW about it and they ALLOW it…as long as their pockets are being lined….they’ll do all the glad-handing necessary.

      6. Also known as “Bunny Boiling.” From that movie about Borderline Personality Disorder, I forget the title, but the term for destroying something that someone loves comes from that movie. My mother did things like that to me. And now she expects me to take care of her in her old age. They don’t understand that they killed your love. They ARE criminals.

      7. Ah…Fatal Attraction. Ironically, during Losers’ liaison with his first tramp (which I didn’t know anything about then) I made him take me to see that movie. I wondered why he spent the entire time with his head in his hand…leaning away from me.
        I read on one of the posts I follow…”if narcissists can’t own you, they take away everything you love.” They sure do…and they do it with abandon and without conscience…and yes, they still think you owe them something…like care.

      8. yes…and they need the last word…because they need to feel right. But consider the sheer amount of energy and denial it takes spend all of your time propping up an illusion of perfection.

        None of us are perfect; most of us know this by the time we reach six…but the narcissist spends all of his time propping up an illusion. I know of no other syndrome like it.

      9. Nor do I. I still question if Loser really is a narcissist…or just exactly what he is…brilliant and only able to commit to his root family and his tramps. Maybe just a sad human being?

      10. How a bad penny. I’m not sure what that means but I understand that bad pennies have the ability to make themselves look like silver dollars! 🙂

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