15 thoughts on “Mental Illness Can Affect Anyone

  1. Thank you for sharing such a powerful message. I believe that anyone can be affected by mental illness and that many people around us are suffering – whom we aren’t even aware are hurting inside… Raising awareness is so important and I thank you for doing so xx

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      1. Yes…and very sweet.

        In my mind children are everyone’s responsibility and we should delight in the efforts and successes of all children.

        I am especially proud of these kids…

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    1. I think that all of us are mentally stressed at different points in life. And that some people do have episodes of depression; sometimes protracted but they are often in reaction to the losses we incur as we progress through our lives. I think that some people have transient psychotic reactions. Psychosis is essentially regressive and the mind does regress under extreme stress.

      A mental illness is usually neurological and psychological. The brain either lacks certain chemicals or the brain has wired itself to respond to abuse that takes place over the course of many years.

      I think that even these more enduring problems would be temporary if we used our knowledge to treat these illnesses but we don’t. We treat medical care as a consumer item and the result is chronic mental illness that results in homelessness for all too many people. I often wonder how many geniuses have died on our streets over the past 40 years.

      Most people who experience a reactive depression, or a transient psychosis go on to have lives….one does not see these people huddled under filthy blankets on our streets.

      I think that at the heart of the stigma against mental illness is the fact that most people experience temporary episodes that respond to talk therapy or to ‘groups’ which leads them to believe that everyone can be cured if they ‘tried’….

      But it’s little bit like comparing moles to cancer. Both involve an overgrowth of cells. I’m curious about your comment and if you feel comfortable to elaborate. Was there a time when you felt like you had become mentally ill?

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      1. I had extreme post-partum depression. Mages of smothering my baby with a pillow kept flashing in front of me. Also I have heard a voice telling me j”jump!” During during an extreme depressive episode. If I hadn’t been a nurse and aware of the disease process, it could have been tragic. I never lost touch with reality, but could have.

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