Blanch Dubois at 60

Blanche DuBois at 60
Blanche DuBois at 60

Hello. You must be a doctor…and this must be a hospital.

Oh! What did I do wrong? I must have murdered someone! That’s it! But who?

I’ve known so many strangers in my life. I must have killed them all!

I guess that’s why I don’t have visitors.

Your honor, I’m sure I have some sort of doctor or therapist —

Unless I killed him too.

Is this a hospital?

Are you a gentleman caller?

Is it day or night, it must be one of the two?

You ARE a Lawyer and you’re defending me. You’re a defense attorney.

Please tell my doctor that I didn’t mean to kill ALL of them—If he’s still alive.

You’re honor—allow me to appeal to your common sense and aristocratic good will.

You ARE a Southerner…Aren’t you?

We ARE in the South…Aren’t we?

This IS a hospital…Isn’t it?

I CAN count on your strange kindness…Can’t I?

Why is everyone  staring at me!?

If looks could kill I’d have killed everyone by now.

And I guess I did.

Which brings me back to the subject of visitors your honor…



Robert Goldstein <c> 6/2/93


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