Digital Photo of a female avatar

Who Does He Think She is?

I’ve written elsewhere that when we enter the portal into Virtual Reality only one aspect of me is present.

Everything I do and say reflects a different menu of interests and attitudes.

The person named “I” can imagine being almost anything and hold almost any opinion.

Virtual Reality is not an escape; it’s a becoming and our primary tools for becoming are the animations and objects made or purchased in the moment.

All of our photos take place against a surreal nowhere that is always somewhat dark and out of focus.

That is how life feels to me.

Sara is the oldest alternate.

She used to come out when the body was little and dress in Mother’s gowns.

Sara used to wear Daddy’s tee shirts and pretend they were a nightie.

Mother liked it when Sara came out because she looked and acted like a little girl.

Mother used to send us out on Halloween dressed like a pretty little girl.

Sara liked it when the neighbors told her how pretty she was.

She had to go inside when we started school.

She often feels lonely.

When we were hurt by Mother Sara would come out and dress up and dance for us.

Sara is nice.

She likes people.

But she’s a smart street kid from the Deep South with her nails out.

She’s a fighter but she’s fair.

I guess Sara is made from what I liked best about the girls and sissy boys I grew up with in Charleston.

They were tough bitches and would take you out in a snap.

The thing I like about VR is that a man can use it to find out what he’d be like as a woman.

Even when he doesn’t want to.

(c) Rob Goldstein  2016-2017







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