My Top Five Faults (And How I compensate)

A few weeks ago I posted my top five weaknesses and asked other people to describe theirs. xaranahara wrote a post about it…:)

Xara Nahara

Before I begin this post, I will admit that I have MORE than five things wrong with me. In fact, if I were to list them all, then it would be a novel. Let’s spare the poor readers of that drama. No one wants to read that shit anyway. Anyhow, without further ado….

5.)  I’m Forgetful – While I can remember what happened in detail on most days, I forget to do chores, work duties, or God Forbid COMMUNICATE!!!! I know I have eons of things to do and eons of people that I should be communicating with at this moment, but I forget what order I’m supposed to do all of this in, exactly.

4.) I Lack Motivation – Even the carrot on the stick thing isn’t working out for me very well. I am definitely struggling to improve my motivation and to delete this fault altogether. At least…

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