A Golden Winter’s Blanket

This is a wonderful tribute. I had to share it.



This is a memorial for
Martin Luther King, Jr.

The image of love being a blanket
needs to start with the concepts
of Love and Hate.

It starts with MLK, Jr. who compared
hate to “an unchecked cancer.”
He further stated, it “corrodes the
personality and eats away it’s
vital unity.”

Unfortunately, the destructive source
of hatred is often evident in nations,
communities, families and churches.

The opposite of hatred is love, of
course. It is not always an easy
emotion to produce but love is the
antidote for hatred.

A translation of Proverbs 10:12
from “The Message” explains~

“Hatred starts fights, but Love pulls
a blanket (or quilt) over bickering.”

The image of a cozy comforter,
blanket or quilt symbolizes the
soothing impact that loving
words and actions can have
on enemies, as well as friends.

This picture my son, James Matthew,
took of a sunset reminds me of…

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