22 thoughts on “David Robert Jones -01/08, 1947 – 01/10, 2016

      1. You wrote: Honestly, life does not have to be so hard.

        The part of me that remains a child finds that bit, the thing you said, very confusing.

        I don’t understand why we make it so hard for ourselves and other people to feel the joy of life.

        Why do we make people suffer?

        Why do those rich guys in Congress want to kill poor people by taking away medical care?

        Who do they think they are and why does the rest of the adult world let them get away with it?

        It doesn’t make sense to deprive people of school and then blame them for not knowing what they need to know to survive.

        It doesn’t make sense to starve people and then blame them for getting weak.

        To a child it feels intentional.

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      2. I think almost everything we are told will make our life good, is backwards. That is why I don’t think it needs to be so hard. We are indoctrinated into this world of ‘desire,’ from physical appearance, relationships and things. Some should not have kids because they are too messed up to raise healthy kids. Yet almost everyone thinks parenthood is for them. It’s not. So life becomes harder than was necessary. There will always be duality, good and bad in life. I find this phrase that was running through my mind before I fully woke up very comforting. “To truly surrender, you must be willing to give up everyone, everything and anything, and still know that you are very, very loved.” Politicians have never solved anything to the satisfaction of everyone. I won’t hold my breath on injustice being solved by Washington or the Universities, or ever. It comes down to all of us helping out someone less fortunate and expecting nothing in return. The range of helpful acts is endless. It can start with a smile to lift someone’s spirit. Leaving a really good tip for a special server. Donating to charities, things you don’t use no matter the price. But, there will always be duality and burdens for everyone. It’s how we grow and learn and sometimes they can be unbearable.

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      3. Thank you…I think that all moves toward the light of reason are good..I think we must act on all fronts; each of us following his or her passion…so that when we join together we have a movement that is talented, energetic and effective.

        Thank you for a beautiful and thought provoking comment.

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  1. I am saddened at the loss of someone you cared about, Rob. Gone far too soon.
    I have been mourning David Bowie, who I assume this was his childhood name? I posted about his role in “Labyrinth” on November 4, 2015. My grandson’s 11th b’day but during the film, David sings about a character growing up and no longer “snips and snails and puppy dog tails.”
    In the post, I talk about zen and how there is a sense of peace when following the winding path until you get to the center. It helps me now to think of how David Bowie touched all our lives. He was only 8 years older than I am. Take care. ~ R

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    1. Bowie was a big part of my life as a gay man. I actually favored the Cat Stevens look (Teaser and the Firecat was released the same year as Ziggy Stardust) but I loved the fact that Bowie was so masculine in his femininity. I was in shock and grief when Lennon was shot but his death was not the result of a disease associated with aging. Bowie’s death
      touches something primal in me. It’s like a heads up: new life stage ahead….I looked for the post that you describe but could not find it…will you give me a link?


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