Texas Governor Vetoes Mental Health Bill Because He Doesn’t Believe Mental Illness Is Real | Greenville Gazette

20 thoughts on “Texas Governor Vetoes Mental Health Bill Because He Doesn’t Believe Mental Illness Is Real | Greenville Gazette

  1. Well I’ll be. I rewatched the documentary on Scientology recently where former leaders are interviewed and L. Ron’s letters are reviewed. Here is a man who told his first wife he wanted to start a religion to make an income. Here is a man who has written more science fiction novels than anyone, who crafted the quite interesting creation of our planet under the Scientology religion. And, here is a man as a former Naval officer petitioned the government for psychiatric help as a former sailor. If the Governor is big on Creationism, he may not want to be citing the beliefs of L. Ron, as they contradict the biblical version in a huge way.

    But, setting all of that aside, with 1 in 5 Americans destined to have some mental illness at some point in their lives, this position is a tad insulting and just plain inappropriate.

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    1. I can’t imagine a governor vetoing a bill to increase funding for cancer research because he doesn’t believe it exists and not finding himself in the center of the kind of tweet storm that the governor of Illinois faced when he tried to pass a bill to circumvent the Supreme Court’s decision to grant gays the right to marry.

      People die from mental illness.

      This governor is either an idiot or a eugenicist or both. Either way, I have to assume that he represents them mentality of the voters who gave him power.


      1. I don’t know Kieth…

        I did some research and discovered that the State of Texas is home to the world’s largest for profit prison.

        World’s Largest For-Profit Prison Blasted in Federal Audit
        It is run by the GEO Group which actively lobbies for stricter prison sentences.

        Governor Abbot got $50,000 from them in 2014.

        Here is a table of GEO’s payouts to Governors across the country Democrats and Republicans: http://beta.followthemoney.org/entity-details?eid=1096

        And while GEO gives to both parties it lavished over 4,000,000 on Republicans as compared to the 814,650 ‘donated’ to Democrats.


        Governor Abbot isn’t stupid. He’s criminal.

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      1. I was trying to be nice when I said “fools and idiots.” This kind of crap makes my blood boil….but we keep putting them in office, don’t we? I just don’t understand how so many people can be so blind….and stupid.

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      2. I did a little research and discovered that he’s not stupid..He is owned by the ‘prison industry’….and the more people who go to prison the higher their profit margins. But you know; I can’t fault Capitalists for being what they are. The voters are supposed to use their votes to protect their interest. We have to ask ourselves what kind of people we are to turn our health and our freedoms over to people who see us as food.


    1. Imagine a governor deciding to veto a corporate tax cut because he doesn’t believe corporations are people. I wonder if anyone has asked the intellectual zombie that leads the State of Texas if he believes corporations are people?

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  2. How does one even respond to this? What is happening to some of these American governors? I read a while back that the governor of New Hampshire considers building a wall along the US-Canada border an undertaking worth looking at in light of 9/11 terrorist attacks and now this.

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    1. I find it confusing. At what point did the public exclude intellectual curiosity and empathy for for human weakness from the list of qualities we want in our government.

      I can’t believe that the people running on the Republican ticket are so stupid! At least under Reagan and Daddy Bush they had the brains to hide their greed and contempt for the poor under a veneer of academic thought. I hated William F. Buckley but he was smart. These people are complete idiots. It’s shocking!

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  3. Hi, Robert. I just got a virus alert when I tried to follow the link from your site to the original post. Might want to check that out!
    Also, I would love it if ya’ll would check out Letters to the Mind. We also are trying to #endstigma on mental illness.

    ☀ Memee


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