It Seems Have a Pneumonia….

This is an old post from 2016.

I went to the doctor and requested a chest x-ray.

It showed an opaque shadow on my right lung.

What prompted me to go to the doctor was a creeping sense of fatigue…

And a kind of breathlessness that I’ve never had before.

The good news was that it isn’t cancer….

The bad news is that it’s pneumonia.

I was in denial at first because I felt mostly OK …and thought of pneumonia as a kind of triple x-rated cold.

I did not know that pneumonia begins without symptoms.

Today I have the symptoms of nausea, headache and a passionate urge to sleep.

I will do my best to keep up with comments but it may take me a couple of days to go through them.

If you have the following symptoms get thee to a doctor.

The symptoms are mild at first but they quickly worsen in older people or in people with compromised immune systems.

C. pneumoniae:

• Gradual onset, which may show improvement before worsening again; incubation period is 3-4 weeks.

• Initial nonspecific upper respiratory tract infection symptoms lead on to bronchitic or pneumonic features.

• Most of those infected remain quite well or are asymptomatic.

• Cough with scanty sputum is a prominent feature.

• Hoarseness is a common feature.

• Headache affects the majority of symptomatic sufferers.

• Fever is relatively unusual.

• Symptoms may drag on for weeks or months, despite a course of appropriate antibiotics.

• Where it causes significant problems, this may be due to secondary infection or co-existing illness – eg, diabetes.

Right now I have blinding headache…and I’m taking a course of Empiric Antibiotics because we aren’t sure which type of pneumonia I have….but given the onset my guess is C. pneumoniae:



Spy Maids! (in Color) Ep. 9

FRIDAY, Jan 26
10:00 PM Spy Maids! in Color

Episode 9: One Lump or Two!

The Spy Maids learn that Galaxy Beings have invaded Washington and littered Congress with brain washed pod people.

Armed with 600 micro grams of pure LSD and a mechanical whisk broom the Spy Maids serve tea to the 115th Congress and save Washington.

Julie Christie, Shirley Booth, Nancy Kulp and Senator Ted Cruz as the Pod.