Color Photos of the Atrocities: The Effeminist Point of View

Art by Rob Goldstein

The Color Photos of the Atrocities

“A good life requires the ability to rise above the circumstances of everyday practical considerations. The ability to be something within the self, separate and apart from success or failure in any particular human undertaking. The ability to add psychological resources as the result of life experiences makes it possible to convert success or failure into a psychic event. The sense of self reaches its highest level of expression where practical and adaptive matters are least involved. The psychological capacities of the self, which reach deepest into the sense of inner identity, concern matters such as the ability to comprehend the truth and adhere to the good.” Paul Rosenfels

We are animals with inconvenient gifts.

Reason and intellect are inconvenient for a beast with a body that wasn’t meant to  think or reflect on what it feels.

We will create a technology that can potentially feed everyone on our planet…

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