Random Particles

Randm Particles

I realized this morning that I’m very active for a person with a total disability.

By that I mean that even with pneumonia and DID I keep busy.

I don’t have down time. My mind is always going.

I’ve always been like this.

When I was a 12 I had a number of chemistry sets and two decent microscopes.

I used to dissect insects.

One day a friend told me that if a guy rubbed himself long enough white stuff came out.

The fish that he described in the white stuff piqued my interest.

I set to rubbing and sure enough, white stuff came out, but the way it came out was a complete surprise.

I thought I had damaged my penis because I needed to pee but couldn’t.

I wondered how I was going to explain my broken penis to my Grandmother.

However, I had the white stuff and used a dropper to place it on a slide.

There they were, thousands of them.

Later, after I peed, I collected another sample of white stuff to see if the fish were still there.

Checking on their status became a twice a day ritual.

(c) Rob Goldstein 2016



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    1. I was such a naive kid. I didn’t know what sex was nor did I know about orgasm. The only reason I found out about masturbation was that the older boys that sat in from of me in class mimicked it with their pencils every time the teacher turned her back…:) I suppose in 2016 most eight year old know more about sex than I did.

      But I was motivated by pure science…:)

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      1. A guy’s feet and his dick were complaining about him.

        His feet whined: You wouldn’t believe how he treats me. He stuffs me in these suffocating boxes and walks around all over me till I’m drenched in sweat!

        Not to be outdone, his dick says: Oh yeah? Well you should see what he does to me! He grabs me around the neck and chokes me till I PUKE!

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