Eight Things I love about Second Life

GizzA – 4rd Anniversary Group Gift [Women] Dress XS
Eight Things I love about Second Life

There’s an old saying that if you put more than three people in a room you get politics.

Imagine what that’s like for someone with DID.

My DID Addams Family work very hard to avoid sounding crazy.

That’s a tad absurd; why have a mental health blog if you can’t sound little crazy?

I don’t mean sounding crazy as in speaking in gibberish; I’ll leave that to narcissists that are even perfect at speaking gibberish.

People with DID contradict themselves, it’s what we do.

I disagree with the constant harping on everything hateful about Second Life.

Mateo made a mistake and his feelings were hurt; it’s time he got over it and moved on.

I like Second Life.

Yes, some of the members are sociopaths; so what else is new?

Have you seen American politics lately?

I believe that if we’re going to complain about a group of people or a social media platform, we must also find the good and validate it.

To that I end I’ve written this short post. Eight things I love about Second Life.

The fashion designers – There is an art to making virtual clothing and avatars that walk properly and can dance. Everything that I have on in these photos is a combination of textures and virtual objects sculpted to look like hair and eyes. Someone spent time and energy to design this outfit. The gown that I’m wearing in the first shot is free at the Gizza main store.  I can’t make these things but I love the people who did. So to the people who make the skin, eyes, hair and fashion designs in Second Life, thank you.

If I pose in rain it is because someone made rain and clouds and sunshine and water.

When I dance or strike a perfect pose it is because someone spent time learning how to animate and pose avatar bodies that prefer to waddle around like ducks. Making animations and poses is difficult and I don’t know how to do it. So here’s to the animators of Second Life.

Hair styles, thousands of them, made by people who not only understand computer technology but must have the skills of a hair stylist. 

Urban Life 2
Streaming music and streaming media. I can use Winamp to stream my music into my workshop so that when I go into Second Life to play I have the music I want.

The nightclubs. If you’ve lost the use of your legs or are otherwise ill how cool is it to get together with a friend to go clubbing. Owning a virtual nightclub is time-consuming and difficult. One is a manager, event coordinator and greeter. Competition is stiff and very often underhanded: that’s the way life is.

A new way of exploring the self that has never existed. Even if I were not the female alternate of a man with DID the fact remains that a man or a woman can go into virtual reality and get a sense of what life might be like for a woman or a man, or someone from a different time and culture. I think that’s great.

The dedicated team of developers who make the Firestorm Viewer and the wonderful tools that I use to have my fun. Without you and the programmers who make other viewers nothing else is possible. And you make it for free.

Mateo and Rob have every reason to be cautious, this isn’t a pleasant World for people with disabilities; but Mateo had no business trying to separate himself from the rest of us by going into Second Life to live his own life. The wound that he nurtures is self-inflicted and will not heal until he moves on. It is just as destructive to focus on the negative and I think it alienates people who may want to get to know us. 

If you’ve read this post, I thank you.

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GizzA – 4rd Anniversary Group Gift [Women] Dress XS
TRUTH HAIR Harmony [Ponytail]
GizzA – Crystal Faux Fur Stole [Black]
Gizza – Hydrangia-Black
Vanity Hair
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant
:BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (lush black)
Diesel Works Poses & Animations
“Lady D” Black Shoes Elisea Carter



14 thoughts on “Eight Things I love about Second Life

  1. I like Second Life…it just seems to have a much higher learning-curve than other online activities.

    I have yet to find an avatar besides the werewolf that fits how I like to look, LOL – and said werewolf is in a permanent ‘floating / flying’ position now, for some reason…I can’t walk around anymore!

    I suppose that’s why I spend more time in my Elder Scrolls universe…the “get started” information in Second Life isn’t as detailed or user-friendly as I’d like it to be.

    Otherwise, it looks like it would be a lot of fun for a role-player such as myself!

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    1. There is alot to recommend Second Life. I think it can be dangerous for someone who goes in without knowing they flipping dissociate which is what happened with me. When I found Second Life in 2008 I was a functional person and by 2010 I was utterly fragmented and disabled. I think it would have happened anyway but for years I blamed Second Life. I’ve met people who use it to do things they can no longer do in real life: people in wheelchairs can log in and go to a virtual nightclub to dance. That’s my fun in SL. A flying werewolf! That’s alot of fun!

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  2. An old friend was into Second Life since year 2000 at least, if not earlier. I tried it more than once but just can’t commit time to it. It is certainly a super-interesting world! That gown though, that is marvellously liquid.


  3. I certainly have mixed feelings about it! And I’m probably a little crazy too! Ever since I was a child and watched old Disney movies and the newer ones I was in love with the immersive fantasy world of art! And I sometimes find that beauty in SL such as in Calas Galadhon’s gorgeous Christmas world with Santa’s North Pole this last December. As for fashion and nightclubbing -that’s not my shtick. I usually get bored after 20 minutes in a virtual club with a dance hud on automatic lol! But with music venues I can often minimize and do something else while listening if it is someone I enjoy. I won’t spend money in SL (cheap cheap). It adds up and I am saving for other tangible things. The nice thing about a virtual world is it’s anonymity and the not so nice thing about a virtual world is it’s anonymity.:D

    btw do you know about the Seanchai Library in SL. It’s a group of storytellers and poets and literaray lovers! A lovely group.

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    1. My alternates like different things about Second Life. What they share in common is a fascination with the animations–They study the animations and have learned where the breaks are. Mateo can use the dances in such a way that he can almost seamlessly switch them in time to the music…Bobby synchronizes his simboard moves to his music and Sara rarely uses static poses.

      She prefers to use dance animations in slow motion; she stops the action when she sees a pose that looks natural. All of my alternates like motion, even in real life. I love to wear headphones and I use music to pace my walks around the city.

      I also find it tedious to sit as an avatar to talk. I always get the feeling that I’m looking at people who are heavily sedated.

      I do have a friend or two ( ok one) that I like to take to Bogart’s…To me it feels like ‘going out’ which may have something to do with the way I completely dissociate into the environment.

      I will have to check out that group.

      They all know how to build and they also know how to modify everything that can be modified.

      Bobby wants to start making landscapes as a way to break out of the isolation.

      It’s not that we want to socialize; it’s more that we understand that by limiting ourselves to the studio
      we aren’t getting the full benefit of membership.

      (When I say we I mean I) 🙂

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  4. Your “DID Addams Family”…ha… that is awesome. That is a fantastic list btw. you almost had me getting envy about your possibilities. But before I forget: The pictures are breathtaking!

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