Flickr Wednesday: Visionheart

This Wednesday I’m reblogging the work of one of my favorite artists

Art by Rob Goldstein

Below is a statement from Visionheart aka Richard S Warner :

Visual creation, for me, is part of a total ‘gestalt’ ( yes, that old word ) that I try to reach through a symbiotic resonance of image, title with text commentary and the suggestion of musical accompaniment. These are the material or effectual aspects of the piece but even these are not the complete ‘picture’.

All the above elements are taken in and perceived differently through each viewer’s individualized consciousness. Physical givens, psychological associations with shapes, color and form, life experience, openness of mind, imagination, personal histories, all have a play on curving the paths of perception to the contours of individuality.

Vision, text and music resonate, collide with, harmonize or enliven by virtue of a series of these inner filters, some conscious, some below that. What is finally ‘seen’ is the result of all of these elements working together…

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