Champions Award — Thank You! (The Health & Wellness Edition)

Living a Beautiful Life


The Champions Award comes to me from the amazing Rob at Art by Rob Goldstein.  Thank you so much, Rob!  I’m honored to receive this wonderful award.

Welcome to the Champions Award Health & Wellness Edition!

What is the Champions Award Health & Wellness Edition?  My nominees blog about diverse health and wellness topics and corresponding solutions.  They seek to not only survive but thrive.  They also share their knowledge and experiences in order to assist and encourage others.

My Nominees (in reverse alphabetical order):

VISION OF HOPE 33 is Michael33’s journal of the physical, mental and emotional effects of radiation therapy for cancer.  His purpose is to provide others with the “vision of hope” that we all need to survive.

TIMO GARDEN is an organic garden in the middle of Sweden not far from Stockholm.  The author discusses ecological gardening and food processing.

SIMPLE LIVING OVER 50 features the author’s…

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