15 thoughts on “This is what Happens to you when you reply to a spam email

  1. That was hilarious! I recently got an email from a “marine” asking me to “hold” twenty-five million dollars for him. I really wanted to play with him but the FBI told me not to. Along the same lines, how much junk mail do you get? I was getting junk mail from some credit card place…and I mean almost daily. There was a postage-paid envelope that accompanied each offer.
    Finally, one day, I tore up all the rest of my junk mail…pizza coupons, flyers and even threw a dozen or so my my exs’ cigarettes butts into the envelope and stuck it in the mail. It was accompanied by a note saying “you keep sending your crap to me and you’ll keep paying the postage when I send my crap to you.”
    Funny….I never got another “offer” for a credit card from that place.

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    1. LOL! That’s a great idea. I have an email account that I use for spam. It get’s nothing but spam. I hate demographic profiling…but the endless Viagra ads were replaced ads from a company that sells orthopedic brassieres. I don’t know why….

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      1. I get those Viagra emails, too! I’m a woman….why would I need viagra? Loser needs it so maybe he was ordering it and since we had the same last name then, they found me.
        Orthopedic bras? Geeze…..these rackets are ridiculous and I hate them.
        Maybe we should work out a deal….I’ll forward all my viagra emails to you and you forward all your bra emails to me! LOL.

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