Nothing seems to work, then you see God

This is a good reminder for anyone who has had a bad week.


I hate this disorder, third medication and i just feel defeated. The past three days have been glorious peaceful just normal. Or what i imagine normal to feel like, then all of a sudden this morning i can’t breath, i feel almost short of breath i begin to gasp as i think to myself i am having a bad reaction to the depakote has to be i need to go to the hospital. i try to relax myself and i ask myself what is this weird feeling all over my body with my head down i focus on what my body is telling me, i am antsy, i feel like i could run a mile, i feel trapped in here, blurred vision, my mind can’t focus on anything, panic hits me whats wrong with me? Then it hits me, it’s Mania, knowing what i have now helps in a way…

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Cuando Quieras Quitarme la Vida

Piensa en mi cuando sufras,
Cuando llores, tambien piensa en mi,
Cuando quieras quitarme la vida
No la quiero, para nada
Para nada me sirve sin ti.

Piensa En Mi ( Luz Casal)
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The outfit

GizzA – Crystal Faux Fur Stole
GizzA – Hydrangea Gown [Black]