A Letter from Home: When My Alternates Talk to Each Other

This is a reblog of a post written October 2014.

Art by Rob Goldstein

Letters from Home_Dear Sara

This year I discovered that my alternates write to each other.

I found this letter from Bobby to Sara composed in 2010  with her reply.

I was surprised to find the correspondence because I didn’t know that some of my alternates considered each other friends and allies.

The logic of Dissociative Identity Disorder is that some aspects of the self are perceived as “other”.

“Sara” is a “protector” Alternate.

I think that she was the first alternate, which means that she emerged in childhood.

She will always comes out when one of the younger alters feels threatened.

Bobby is the teen alter who first joined Second Life to use it as a tool to “grow up”.

To some extent, he’s been successful.

There are many letters filed under ‘Letters from Home”.

Most of them are from Bobby to Bob.

Bobby wrote this to Sara as a 15-year-old.

It is the…

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#MusicMonday: Sometimes You Just Can’t Fight It

I am so glad to be back in action. There’s so much good work to read and discover!

Stereotypically Able

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I mean, I wouldn’t live in the entertainment capital of the world if it wasn’t, so I’m going to start doing something new every Monday.  I am going to share a song or music video that I love at that moment. So without further ado. I introduce to you Rayvon Owen and his music video for his new single “Can’t Fight It.” (see below for video).

Rayvon has come a long way since his stint on American Idol (where he was in the top 5), musically and personally.  You see, not only did he release his music video today, he also used that platform to say that he identifies as a gay man.  In the song he sings about how there are those moments where you just cannot fight the feelings that you have for people and that is where learning…

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