A “History of Mental Illness”

Art by Rob Goldstein

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In 2005 a woman with a history of mental illness threw her three children into the Bay.

She was a single Mother who was living in a homeless shelter with her children. She was ill with severe and debilitating schizophrenia. She told everyone that “God” had commanded her to throw her baby’s to the sharks and no one intervened.

No one removed those children from her custody and no one made the connection between her psychiatric decline, her refusal to take medication and the stress of trying to Mother three children without housing.

“Relatives of a mentally troubled woman from Oakland who reported hearing voices before she allegedly threw her three young sons into the bay to die said Thursday they had tried unsuccessfully to persuade Alameda County social service workers to help them gain custody of the children.

Members of the family of La-shuan Ternice Harris said they had…

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  1. I just read the part until I had to go to the original. I hope I keep it in mind, because I cannot read it all now. But what I read already is an issue that happens so often. The facts and threats are lying on the table and nobody acts!

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