Three Day Quote Challenge: Day Two

JFK at Rice University
JFK at Rice University -The Internet Archive-


I believe in human dignity as the source of national purpose, in human liberty as the source of national action, in the human heart as the source of national compassion, and in the human mind as the source of our invention and our ideas. It is, I believe, the faith in our fellow citizens as individuals and as people that lies at the heart of the liberal faith. For liberalism is not so much a party creed or set of fixed platform promises as it is an attitude of mind and heart, a faith in man’s ability through the experiences of his reason and judgment to increase for himself and his fellow-men the amount of justice and freedom and brotherhood which all human life deserves.

Why I am a Liberal
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Acceptance of the New York Liberal Party Nomination
September 14, 1960

I was going to call this post: Say it loud, I’m liberal and I’m proud!

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12 thoughts on “Three Day Quote Challenge: Day Two

  1. That man-JFK-was charm, intelligence, beauty, personified. If only he got cloned, brains and all! He’s too dangerous to let live, to emerge as you so eloquently put it, Rob. We can work hard to transcend our feeble, fearful minds. Mercifully, the world will survive despite our best efforts to destroy her through stupidity and utter lack of love. Bless you and the work you do.

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  2. 55 Years ago and we are still striving for those basic human values. They seem so obvious and rational. Why is it so hard? I get that it’s the powerful wielding fear for the sake of control, but why do people continually fall for it? These inspirational posts of the past always depress me (sort of). I just don’t get it.

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    1. I think that part of the problem is that we haven’t learned how to manage instincts and behaviors that no longer serve our interests. It’s not unlike my personal situation with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

      DID helped me to survive but now it only gets in the way.

      I think the same is true for our species.

      We no longer live on the edge of existence in a vicious jungle.

      We are the dominant species on this planet and whether we like it or not we have eliminated the need for many of the ideas we hold dear and think are true.

      In the jungle the guy that bashed his way to the top was the one you wanted as a leader.

      Now we need a guy who can think….

      We instinctively favor the chest thumpers.

      We have the technology to house, feed and educate everyone on this planet but the dominant economic system is based on a Darwinian premise that no longer applies to us.

      The one thing that we don’t seem to grasp is that nature really doesn’t care about our survival.

      This planet has billions of years ahead of it and billions of life forms to evolve.

      The sad part is that it may not produce another species with our genius.

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    1. I think every Generation produces visionary leaders like Kennedy. But not every generation will let them emerge.

      A leader can bring us a vision, but it’s the people who bring it to fruition.

      I always love it when you comment. I pray that we are finally ready to let our Kennedy’s and Kings emerge and lead.

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      1. Oh yes, I hope people not only learn from a badly experienced election!!! It is true, the leaders give the impulse, but it is up to the people what they are making of it!

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