CHILDHOOD Under Siege: Joel Bakan

My first reaction when I read this was rage over the fact that it’s taken over a generation to get this discussion started…after I had a chance to cool down I felt gratitude about the fact that it’s happening. Many thanks to the blogger who first re-posted this.

“Tell Somebody!”

A man describes his experience of abuse

Classic Sooch

It takes a whole lot of courage to speak about things like this. Specially, like Matthew Santoro says, if you’re male. It’s not okay. Not for anyone.

Take some time out of your schedule to go watch this. And remember, if you’re being abused, in whatever way, tell somebody. Abuse is something you don’t have to tolerate from someone you thought was your whole life.

Thanks, Faroukh, for telling me about this.

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Portrait of Frida Khalo

Portrait of Frida Khalo seen on 26th and Mission Streets in San Francisco
Portrait of Frida Khalo, seen on 26th and Mission Streets in San Francisco

Antonio Cejudo – Boleros por Antonio Cejudo
– A. Cejudo – Dos Arbolitos

The Jamendo Albums Collection