CHILDHOOD Under Siege: Joel Bakan

My first reaction when I read this was rage over the fact that it’s taken over a generation to get this discussion started…after I had a chance to cool down I felt gratitude about the fact that it’s happening. Many thanks to the blogger who first re-posted this.

3 thoughts on “CHILDHOOD Under Siege: Joel Bakan

  1. Maybe parents can fight this war by a] giving space & time for conversations with the child b] Be tough enough to ward off peer pressure from fellow parents who indulge every whim. c] Be non-addicted to techno- gadgets themselves


    1. I think that what you propose is always a good idea– But a corporate ‘person’ has the power to saturate your child’s world with cunning messages that bypass cognitive reasoning — they will even use ads designed to make flouting your rules seem ‘cool.’

      When I walk through the neighborhoods of San Francisco I notice how different the marketing is for each ethnic neighborhood. The Latino district is saturated with liquor and soda ads are everywhere.

      In the upper Fillmore I see images of people with skin of such refinement that they almost look like gods…and they are bursting with eternal youth and white wine;
      unlike the poor folk in the lower Fillmore who are steeped in ads for malt whiskey and fast food.

      If a corporation has decided to make your kid a soda junkie there is little you can so to stop it; except use the power of your vote to make the government a tool designed to help you parent your child, which is what regulations are supposed to be. Individualism is wonderful when it comes to self expression…but our only hope when it comes to containing the power of a manipulative and abusive economic elite is to act as a national community.

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