Warning Sign

Warning Sign

Excellent commentary by Mark Morford at SFGate:

“There’s still oceans of Schadenfreude to be enjoyed as the Party of Fear ruptures like a boil, its panicky, dry-mouthed leaders scrambling to denounce Trump – their own sneering, leering bastard child – and derail his runaway train of hate before it’s too late, which it already probably is.”

“…I mean, if you’re a liberal, how can you not enjoy the stories about how the most corrosive, regressive, obstructionist political party in a generation is fracturing and fragmenting, sacrificing itself to save itself, knowing that if Trump takes the Republican nomination, there will be mass defections, lost majorities, uproars and down-votes and a Grand Old Party Reckoning like never before? The yelp of leftist delight has been almost deafening: Reap what you sow, motherf–kers.”

Then again, not so fast.


Trump: No longer fun, now just terrifying

Warning Sign
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