Warning Sign

Warning Sign

Excellent commentary by Mark Morford at SFGate:

“There’s still oceans of Schadenfreude to be enjoyed as the Party of Fear ruptures like a boil, its panicky, dry-mouthed leaders scrambling to denounce Trump – their own sneering, leering bastard child – and derail his runaway train of hate before it’s too late, which it already probably is.”

“…I mean, if you’re a liberal, how can you not enjoy the stories about how the most corrosive, regressive, obstructionist political party in a generation is fracturing and fragmenting, sacrificing itself to save itself, knowing that if Trump takes the Republican nomination, there will be mass defections, lost majorities, uproars and down-votes and a Grand Old Party Reckoning like never before? The yelp of leftist delight has been almost deafening: Reap what you sow, motherf–kers.”

Then again, not so fast.


Trump: No longer fun, now just terrifying

Warning Sign
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  1. No there is no way that Eisenhower or Kennedy could possibly be elected by the mob there today. The plot has gone here too and there are too few of us to do anything.


      1. Sorry to be confusing, the America we know from Politics, also the Australia bear no resemblance to the thoughts and opinions of the majority of citizens. From the outside looking in it really is an alienation, Alien to its own citizens and residents -one that may finish up being the source of its own destruction. Horrifically Australian Prime Ministers since Reagan’s era just following along pouring money and resources into whatever seems the latest US Presidential scheme. BUT for some inane reason they are re-elected as though no one notices that we have leaders who follow rather than lead.

        Now I will have bothered you

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      2. The same, or similar is happening here the poor and aged disabled are being targeted by cutbacks in Health entitlements. We do not know from one month to the next which medication will be affected. Laws have changed regarding the way they classify people so that entitlements suddenly drop off with age as if turning 65 entails miraculous cures. Not to mention the cost of food, and selling the country off to China in pieces.

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      3. The Conservative stance on the poor and disabled in the early 21st Century is remarkably similar to the conservative stance at the start of the 20st Century. The Global Eugenics Movement was reaching its peak in the 1920’s. Eugenicists were advocates of using poverty as a means of execution. This is all well documented. The Germans did precisely what the American author of the Handbook of Eugenics recommended as a means of execution. They created a walled off Ghetto and prevented all food, medicine, and fresh water from entering the city. They photographed the daily dying to document the success of Lethal Selection.

        It works.

        When I see a homeless person I see the Warsaw ghetto.

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    1. I mentioned this thread at Church yesterday as some of our members were having a lively debate on Mr Trump and his latest uncoolness- I cannot believe he is actually still walking the planet after what I have heard.


  2. Gosh. I just had a convo with someone today. She said he was fun in the beginning but now, no. To me he was always terrifying and he confirmed it every time he spoke.

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    1. On follow up.

      I was thinking today that the only time my Grandmother ever made a comment that struck me as ‘off’ was when she said, “Never sign your real name to anything because you never know when they’ll break down your doors and drag you out.”

      It was the only time I heard her reference her experience of the holocaust.

      I knew that I had lost aunts and uncles and used to go to bed as a child terrified because the holocaust was the story of how a nation went violently nuts and when it did it took most of the world with it.

      The only thing that stands between civilized life and barbarism is a social contract that makes upholding the rule of law our first priority.

      One world war shame on you.

      Two world wars shame on us.

      Three world wars, won’t get fooled again.

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      1. I think It may have a rather concrete understanding of what it means to be intelligent.

        In my mind if the evidence is that I’m wrong then I have no choice but to accept it and go with the proof…what I’ve discovered is that some people respond to being wrong by surrounding themselves with people who also prefer to be wrong….then they bully everybody they can into agreeing that their dis proven world view is the right one.

        I don’t understand people like that…

        I wonder if it’s because I’m brain damaged…

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      2. You’re describing megalomaniacs like Robert Mugabe, Kim Jong-un, Hitler et al. They attract like-minded people to their cause and if they have enough followers that can influence others to their agenda, they gain power and go from there. By ‘surrounding themselves with people who also prefer’ or choose to continue to practice or indulge their warped mindset, they are getting the pats on their backs and the urge to continue their crusade.

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      3. Food for thought! By the way Rob, I meant to tell you that I’ve nominated you for the Bloggers Recognition Award. If you already have one of those, you don’t need to follow the rules but please read what I’ve written about you. 👍🏻😊


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