17 St Phillip Street -Part Six-

17 St Phillip Street -Part Six-

It was Labor Day and Bobby had volunteered to work for overtime.

Bobby was buffing a deserted suite of offices in one of the base hospitals.

A door creaked open and Nestor strode toward him.

Bobby caught a whiff of Old Spice.

Nestor cocked his head at Bobby. “You’re doin’ it all wrong.”

“Ain’t this the way you showed me?”

“Yeah! But you got no control.

Nestor positioned himself behind Bobby and wrapped his arms around his waist.

Bobby felt Nestor’s breath on his neck.

“Do it Like this,” Nestor took the waxer from Bobby’s hands and pressed the controls.

They swayed as the machine moved in a graceful arc from one side of the floor to the other

Bobby’s mouth went dry and his heart raced.

Nestor whispered: “You’re the prettiest dude I ever seen. If I was gonna do it with a dude I’d do it with you.

Bobby cleared his throat.

“Am I gonna lose my job?”

Nestor: “No–I want you where I can see you.”

Bobby: “I mean if you have to screw me, ok…but if I lose my Job Miss Jennie’ll kill me!”

Nestor: Who’s Miss Jennie?

Bobby: She’s the meanest woman alive — and my landlady.

Bobby’s hands fell to his sides.

Nestor stopped the machine.

He spun bobby around and kissed him deeply.

Nestor: “I can’t believe I kissed a dude. I can’t believe I like it.

Bobby: Hey, wait a minute: whattaya mean, where you can see me?

Nestor gazed fiercely into Bobby’s eyes: I wanna know where you are an’ who you’re with…you’re mine.

Nestor drew Bobby in for another kiss but this time Bobby refused.

He squirmed out of Nestor’s arms:

“No! That’s not how it works with guys! You don’t get to own me. No man gets to own me! I don’t care how many bottles of Old Spice he’s got on!”

(c) Rob Goldstein 2016 All Rights Reserved