Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you for nominating me for the award!


I was amazed when my dancing friend Khutsie of Tribe 53 nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award back in January. Yes, it is a month since I received the award and it has taken me until now to officially announce it. Tsk, tsk!

This being my third award, I told my family that I should consider allocation an area on my blog to Awards and they all laughed. blogawardpic

Kea leboga (thank you so much) for selecting, honoring and nominating me for this beautiful award Khutsie.

Little did I know when I ventured into the world of blogging in October 2013, that I would meet amazing writers/bloggers and more importantly, gain their friendship and support and learn so much from them. They make the journey a whole lot more-easier and it has made me feel more a part of the writing community.

The Rules

There are always rules…

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